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large diameter hollow wall winding pipe line

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hdpe hollow wall winding pipe equipment

The screw is the double-stage pressure reduction type, with special elements to promote the mixing plasticization, coordinated with the highly precise temperature control and high torque, the line can use full recyclable material. The two machines combined type feeding, spiral rotation foamed and high efficiency compound crafts ensure a high quality product. The special plastic and steel compounding technology ensures a reliable compounding, which highly enhances the pipe performance. The adjustable extruder frame is easy and flexible to operate. The PLC automatic control system is reliable and convenient for maintenance.

Characteristic of pipe: high rigidity, light weight, low costs, good sealing performance of the connector; acid and alkali resistance, corrosion-resistance, and long service life, convenient for construction. The pipe is widely used as the underground water drainage system.

Technical parameters:
Model. Pipe diameter. (mm) Max. output(kg/h) Outline size (L X W X H) (m).
SG-800 200-800 280 8X20X2.6
SG-1200 600-1200 500 10X23X2.7
SG-1500 1000-1500 600 28X18X6
SG-2000 1500-2000 700 30X20X7
SG-3000 2000-3000 800 32X20X8

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