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HDPE gas/water supply pipe line

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1)town tap water supply pipe

2)coal gas, dry gas natural gas transporting pipe

3)town blow-off pipe

4)industrial and agricultural liquid transporting pipe

5)electric cable protection pipe

6)sea water transporting pipe

7)multi-layer reinforced functional pipe

 model   pipe diameter (mm) pipe diameter(m/min) output(kgs)
SJ-PEG-10/1200 10-1200 0.1-12 20-1500


Products introduction:

This production line is designed uniquely and adopts BM separate type high-efficiency screw so it is with good merits of high automaticity, easy operation, continuous production, safety and reliability, the produced plastic gas pipe which is heat resistant, age proof, environmental stress proof, and creep resistant, is the first choice of fuel gas transporting between towns or cities.

This kind of products have many advantages such as innocuity, insipidity, corrosionprotection, and aging resistance.

They are widely used for earth surface water supply pipe and are the ideal substitute for the iron cast pipe and concrete pipe.

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