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PE PP board production line

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PE plate production line
1. about equipment
Supporting host SJ120-170Single screw extruder
Screw length diameter ratio(L/D) 35:1
Screw speed(r/min) 73-90
Main motor power(kw) 132-220
Throughput (kg/h) 400-800
The width of the mirror optical axismm 1800×Φ500
The rotating speed r of the mirror surface/min 0.15-3
Traction speed r/min 0.15-3
Traction power  kw 4
Cutting power kw 4
Unit size (long x width * high)  m 45-55×3.5×4.25

Characteristics of 2. PE plate production line
Our company absorb and digest the latest developed thick plate extrusion line of foreign advanced technology and technology. It is mainly used for producing PE and other plates. The thickness of plates can be 20-60mm, and the width of plates is 750-1800mm.
All kinds of supporting parts of the production line can adopt the world famous brand products, combined with our company's manufacturing technology and experience for many years, making it more reliable and perfect. The product has the advantages of bright and clean surface, small size error, corrosion resistance, high insulation and so on.
The features and uses of the products:
It has high strength, temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance. It can be filled, reinforced, toughened, stiffened, flame-retardant, modified, and surface can be embossed and sanding. High temperature (about 100 degrees), good physical and mechanical properties. It is mainly used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, environmental protection, machinery and equipment and other related industries.

Main technical parameters:
Equipment model SJ-GS-2000
Product thickness 1-30mm
Product width 600-2000mm
Product length 2400(Or self - determined length)
Extrusion quantity 80-800kg/h
Main engine screw diameter 65-200mm

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