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PC/PP/PE hollow grid board line

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This unit is the special equipment for extruding PC hollow grid board directly. The grid board having the strong point of smooth and clean surface, good outlook and pressure resistance. It can be widely used in construction, package and adornment industries. The machine can produce LDPE hollow grid board as well as agricultural and construction transparency warm keeping PP, PE, PC hollow grid board through changing the molding die.

Flow Chart:

main technical parameter
Main machine SJ-150/30 SJ120/30
Molding block amount 2 2
Drawing speed (m/min) 0.5-5 0.5-5
Cutting speed(r/min) 44.6 44.6
Production speed(kg/h) 600 500
Width of board (mm) 800-2000
Thickness of board(mm) 2-20

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