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PVC wall panel line

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Product Description
PVC /WPC wall panel line is mainly used to produce PVC / WPC wall panel and other PVC profile product like PVC window & door profile, PVC ceiling tile, PVC skirting etc. it is a kind of high efficiency equipment for plastic extrusion, it is mainly composed by force feeder, soft plasticization screw and barrel, high precision gearbox, exhaust system, it is features of even mixing, better plasticization,stable working, high capacity, and it is suitable for produce PVC products from mixed powder, within different mold and other auxiliary equipments, it can produce plastic pipe, profile, board, sheet, granules and so on.
Advantage of PVC wall panel:
1. Easy installation,  it can be installed directly onto concrete wall
2. No glue, the PVC/WPC wall panel are extruded directly, no glue used.
Good for environment.
3. Multiple color choice. The PVC / WPC wall panel apply film lamination, so
you can choose design and color which you like.
4. Easy to change. After use several years, if you want to redecorate the  
house, it is easy to take off from the wall and change to another design.

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