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PVC glazed roof tile production line

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一、 Weather resistance. Synthetic Resin Tile usually is made of highly weather-resistant construction resin tile,like ASA,PPMA,PMMA etc. It can stay stable and keep its color even when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, moisture, heat, cold.



二、Corrosion resistant performance

weather-resistant resin and matrix resin have a good corrosion-resistant performance, which will be be decreased by rain or snow. It can stands the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, and many other chemical substance, which makes it very suitable to be used in the heavily polluted areas.

三、Load capacity

Synthetic Resin Tile has excellent load capacity.

四、Shock resistant and low temperature resistant

Synthetic Resin Tile has good shock resistant, which will not crack when a one kilograms falls onto it from 1.5 meters high, good low temperature resistant, no foaming, peeling,crack will happen within 10 freezing and thawing cycles.

五、Self clean

Synthetic Resin Tile has a dense and smooth surface. Having Lotus effects, it does not stick to dust easily.

And it will be completely cleaned by the rain, with no spots left.

六、Easy installation

Single wave has a big size, making the installation with a higher efficience.

Light weight makes it easy to transport and loading.

With complete accessory products.

Simple tools and easy operation.


Synthetic Resin Tile meets the standard of China environmental labelling. And it can fully recycled when it reaches the end of its servicing life.

 、Fire-resistance rating reaches B1

Complying with the fire-resistance requirements of roofing material, it meets the standard of

flame retardant grade, and it can effectively retard the fire spread.


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