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WPC granulating machine

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一、The advantages


1.Big hopper(matching with mixer) is under the plastic mixer, and transport material through spiral loader.

2. Metering feeder

Big diameter single screw metering feeding,

3. On the basis of our years of practice, with these dedicated components for wood plastic machine, the transportation as well as the plasticization of the wood and plastic reaches the highest level.

4. With special combination of these components, four vent holes are designed to get rid of the moisture and volatile matters from the wood power, ensuring the quality of the products.

5. De-dust and venting device ensures a better venting result.

6.Big L/D ration(40:1) makes a better mixing effect. Because it can lower the barrel temperature to avoid the wood powder's carbonization, and it can get rid of the moisture with a better effects.

7. Special die head design ensures a stable and even pelletizing process.



二、Wood Plastic granulating device parameter:

Type L/D Rotary speed(r/min) Total power(KW) Output(kg/h) size(mm) Weight(KG)
SWMSZ-1 36-40 500 66 60-100 14600*2200*3000 3600
SWMSZ-2 36-40 500 102 80-200 15200*2400*3200 4100
SWMSZ-3 36-40 500 150 200-400 19800*2500*3200 4880

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