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WPC Door Extrusion Line

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 Changyue series of wide plastic sheet production line mainly used: PVC + wood flour. Production overall door, construction and other wood-plastic plate Templates before the extrusion. The line I use the original wood-plastic technology companies and formula. Plates can be based on different sections, according to the different uses of sheet metal, product design different proportions. Selection of different specifications for the wood-plastic twin-screw extruder, and wood-plastic for single screw extruder, and the corresponding vacuum stereotypes targeting Taiwan, traction machines, horizontal cutting machine, expected over platforms such as auxiliary equipment. Replacement of a different mold can produce different specifications of the plastic sheet. Traction for the company I used a unique technology, steady work, good reliability, great traction. Increase the use of special vacuum stereotypes swirl cooling system, to facilitate cooling stereotypes, to meet the wide wood-plastic plate to the needs of the production features. Cutting sheet metal device with the horizontal speed traction to keep pace, design reasonable, stable operation, can automatically

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