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WPC foam board line

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Our PVC foam board machine includes the special Twin-screw extruder, mould and other auxiliary machines. We use twin-screw extruder with compact structure, superior performance. Besides the screw and barrel and die are designed by our company and made in world famous manufacturers. And use the high-performance alloy steel for professional processing. So the machine has the advantages of uniform plasticizing, stable extrusion, high output, and long life. We can supply you the best material formulation and all of technology. We have several thousand kinds of formula through 8 years’ researches. PVC or WPC foam board production line with big output, stable extrusion, high foaming, good and wear-resisting surface and so on.

The characteristics of pvc or wpc crust foam board
PVC wpc crust foam board has such characteristics as sound separation, sound absorption, heat separation, temperature-keeping,etc.
The material is incombustible, it is safe for use.
All series of products have property of moisture proof, mildew proof, water resistance; its vibration resistant effect is good.
All series of products have property of weathering proof, its luster may remain forever, and it is not easy to be ageing.
This product is light, storage & transport, construction are rather convenient.
This product can be worked with normal tools for wooden material.
Drilling, sawing, nail, planning, bonding can be conducted like wooden material.
It is suitable for thermal shaping, thermal bending and fold processing.
It can be welded; it can also be bonded with other pvc material.
The surface of this product is smooth, it can be printed. (Clean the surface before printing.)

With the development of construction industry, people's demand of timber is  increasing, at the same time forest resources is decreasing, and people's environmental protection consciousness gradually increase, plastic and wood has a huge market potential; We in order to meet the market demand, through the introduction of the latest international plastic industry technology combining with tour own practical experience, developed PVC WPC sheet production line, the machine is reasonable designed ,all the electric parts adopts international advanced accessories, technical level has reached the international advanced level.


Wood plastic board use  PVC as adhesive material, with wood powder materials such as wood and plant straw, farmers plant shell material powder as filling material, through advanced processing equipment to produce high-tech products. The tensile strength, bending strength, bending modulus, impact strength, vicat softening temperature, meet or exceed the international advanced standard.



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