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WPC wall panel line

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PVC and wood composite construction template production line is composed of twin screw extruder, board mould,vacuum shaping machine and nine roller haul-off machine, etc. Thanks to its unique screw structure and advanced technic and formula, the construction template board can bear high-temperature without deformation and bear low temperature without crack. It meets the template standards. Only in China, We got more than tens of lines running in our customers' factories. Welcome to our company. It would be a great honor to have you here for a visit or a business negotiation.
PVC and wood construction template board advantages:
Compared to traditional construction template, it has following advantages:
1. Good water resistance. Even when put in the water for many days, It can    still stay in form and won't decay.
2. It won't stick with cement, and is easy to be released from the cement after  construction. And it won't deform due to the affection of the cement.
3.High efficience, good quality. The constructure, which uses WPC construction template, has a smooth and even surface. Further decoration is not needed.
4.Saves the working process. By processing the construction template, you can easily stamp the patterns on the wall.
5. Light weight, and convenient
6. Long life span, can be used repeatedly. And It can be recycled when it is broken by crushing and remaking it.
7. Thermal insulation helps with shortening the construction period.
8.Various processing methods can be used by adding the wood. Welding is available, so it can be processed at the construction site with ease.
The application of WPC construction template:
It is widely used in manufacture, agriculture, national defense, construction and household articles for daily use. It can be applied to making many product, like industrial tray, warehouse underboarding, warehouse goods shelf, wood fence, bench, floor, etc

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