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A brief introduction to plastic machinery?

人气:Publication time:2017-12-25
According to the production process of plastic products, plastic machinery can be divided into four main categories: plastic mixing machinery, plastic molding machine, plastic two processing machinery and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or device. Plastic compounding machine for all kinds of plastic mixing manufacturing, including kneading machine, plastic refining machine (mixing machine and mixer), granulator, crusher and screening machine, grinding machine etc.. Plastic molding machine and a plastic processing machinery, used for molding plastic products or semi products, including pressure machine, injection molding machine, blow molding machine, extrusion machine, rolling machine, rolling machine, foaming machine etc.. The two processing machine for plastics is used for reprocessing and post-processing of semi-finished products or products, including thermoforming machine, welding machine, heat exchanger, hot stamping machine, vacuum evaporating machine, flocking machine, printing press and so on. Metal processing machine tools are also used in the two processing of plastic. In order to realize the rationalization of the plastic processing plastic auxiliary machinery or equipment, including automatic metering, automatic feeding device of scrap recovery device, injection molding, injection mold automatic extraction device for quick change device, the injection mold cooling machine, automatic thickness measurement device and material transport and storage equipment etc.. This kind of auxiliary machinery or device has become an indispensable part of the automation of modern plastic processing.
The degree of perfection of the plastic machinery directly affect the quality, yield and cost of plastic semi-finished products or products, so it must be able to adapt to the plastic compounding and processing process of the temperature and stress change, and the resulting molten material properties change, and adapt to the chemical corrosion and mechanical wear and other special conditions. Special plastic grade, the development of engineering plastics, composite materials, the development of plastic products of large scale structure, lightweight and thin wall technology requirements for products: plastic machinery to complete production purposes; high speed, labor saving, automation, improve production efficiency to ensure product quality and specifications of products; the degree of precision error the smallest; low energy consumption, less land occupation, easy and safe operation and maintenance.